African Safari – Travel Guide

Camping-safari-300x300Republic of South Africa, lying at the bottommost of the big African Continent, is a country of large variety and beauty desiccated deserts and tropical coastlines; rugs of eye-popping daisies and great 5 safaris; majestic tradition and excellent infrastructure. All of these factors bring in Republic of South an ideal vacation destination.

A SA vacation provides for each and every, genuinely African Safari in Kruger nationalistic park, unbelievable South beach vacations together with the seashore and connoisseur of good food fare in the sophisticated and attractive Cape Town, let alone the distinguished lay out of Africa family line vacations in this family-affable place.

Mounts and Beaches

Tramp through spectacular Drakensberg mounts or try out the taste of various kinds of wines at the dignified, complex wine lands of the Cape Town.

Accommodation or lodging in South Africa is as unusual and diversified as their landscape; greatly enjoy an opulence African Safari in inaccessible wild regions, nonpublic Cape Town country house on the inclines of Table mount, friendly guest homes in the center of the Cape town Wine-areas, classy and stylish hotels in Johannesburg, and KwaZulu lodging looking out over footmark free beaches or historical fields of battle.

If you’ve a taste sensation for venture, African safari vacations offer up all things adrenaline addicts would beg for. Sea-rafting on the Fish sea or river, diving with big white sharks, and the most altitudinous bungee jumping in the domain on the Garden road are simply a few of the heart-pumping African safari vacation actions.

Rainbow land vacation

It was actually Archbishop who minted the idiomatic expression “Rainbow land” to key out the melting down pot of folks and civilizations living on united in the South Africa.

Republic of South Africa has gone through a long-distance path since her foremost parliamentary elections during 1994; the prideful-ness in this accomplishment is obvious and the exuberance for the time to come is catching. Let the affable localized folks give systematic information you about the land that they greatly enjoy.

Masterminded African safari trips are a first-class method of immixing the land vacation highlighting – such that like their coastline and their safari holidays destinations. Check out few tourist package offered up by some parties for a broad range of selections.

For assist in planning your Kenya safari vacation, check out some SA atmospheric condition reviews when to proceed to Africa for a safari vacation, or talk to somebody who’s been in Africa and nowadays there are lots of African Safari experts available, they could offer up a first-hand recommendation and advice.


Meeting New Friends on a Trip to Toronto

The last time I visited Toronto from the United States, my friend invited me to join him for a night of fun. We ended up on a limo bus in Toronto, exploring the city and taking in the nightlife. It’s something I plan to do the next time I visit, because we had a blast. There were about 10 of us on the bus who had never met before, and by the time the trip was over, we were all great friends.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I had never been on a limo bus before, but the title of the vehicle pretty much tells you what to expect. It’s luxurious and fun like a limo, but larger and more accommodating like a bus. I’ve also heard of people refer to it as a party bus before, which is also accurate.


Making Their Night Even Better

When my son told me that a girl he liked accepted his prom invitation, I was really happy for him. He’s a good kid, and I knew that she was as well. However, they were both still kids, and this was going to be an exciting night for them. My son had his driver’s license, and he was planning on asking his father for his sports car to take her in. I decided to circumvent that request by going online and looking at the details for how to rent a prom party bus in Toronto.

I did this for a few reasons. I wish making this a really memorable night for my son was the main one, but it wasn’t.


Enhance Your Travel Experience With All Aboard America

Are you looking for a reliable bus charter service? Ensure that you are not simply picking your bus charter solution just like that because not all of them will cater you with the best experience that you deserve. Reaching your travel destination, it is important to insure your comfortableness, and guess what? It won’t happen if you are paying no attention toward what bus charter to book and so on. All Aboard America is worth a consideration when you look for a bus charter solution that gives you more than comfortableness for a motor coach service. It provides you affordable luxury to ride somewhere to enjoy breathtaking landmarks around America.

When choosing your solution for a bus charter, therefore you can enjoy your favorite destination like beautiful scenery in Southern California that is blessed with good weather. Not to mention, there you will discover many tourist attractions to enjoy. Probably, you have a plan to have a great time in National Park, or else you think about family trip, when you need a bus charter, make sure that you choose a proper bus charter to accommodate your trip. What makes the best bus charter?

There is a long list to give you assurance that you book the right bus charter for your occasion. Experience should be your first concern, however it is not the only thing. Since you need a bus charter company that gives you guarantee for safety. You need a recommendation from people within your circles, but if you don’t have one, BBB is reliable source anytime you look for a company to book a bus charter solution. There you can pick three or more companies that give you guarantee for excellent services when it comes to bus charter solution.

Through the company website you can check their safety record. The reason why a certain bus charter company has excellent record for its safety it is because first, they apply proper maintenance for the vehicles, thus there won’t be something wrong during the trip. And second, they only hire skilled and experienced drivers. Not to mention to display the professionalism of the services that they offer, their drivers wear uniform. You also can check what kind of services that are available for you. In the case that you need a bus charter to bring you to certain tourist attraction in New Mexico, Arizona and so forth, you have to ensure that the service that you need is there. The next time you need one to travel you to San Francisco and Las Vegas, once again, you must assure that the service that you need is there.

A reputable bus charter company will have exclusive membership of a certain recognized organization like International Motor Coach Group or some. Speak of a bus charter that will level up your experience while traveling around America, the engine department is not the only thing. When stepping inside the charter bus, it should give you with a level of comfortableness that is able to make you experiencing a great trip.

For instance, pay attention toward the cleanness of the bus top to bottom. The atmosphere should be right, in addition, you better check additional services to make you can enjoy your trip. Among other, All Aboard America is what you need for the excellent services that you may experience. To get yourself familiar with the said charter bus company, take a little tour to its website about the charter services which are first class. Too, you can plan your trips over there. You can choose one that is available or you can customize the service with what you need.

If you are curios about how much it takes to experience the luxury of the services that they provide, don’t hesitate to get yourself a quote whether you plan an overnight trips or day trips. To give you peace of mind about the services, only if you want to, you can read the testimony from their previous customers. In short, to have a hard-to-forget travel experience, it is not all about your travel destination but  also how you reach your travel destination, it counts as pivotal. Imagine yourself can lean back and relax with ease and convenience, and before you notice you are already there.


Book Cheap Hotel in Malang

Wisata-Tugu-MalangLocated in East Java, Malang recently has become popular as a city that produces apple fruit in high quality. People go to Malang to taste this fruit and to feel the beautiful sites in this city. Now Malang has many tourism sites and new theme park spread in the entire area of the city until the edge of it. And with the cool weather, this city is really suitable for family and self-picnic. Tourist usually visited some of these famous destinations; Mount Bromo, Brawijaya Museum, Temples, Beaches, Angkut Museum, and Jatim Park. Or, they usually go to taste the traditional food such as Mawut Fried Rice, Rawon Nguling, Durian Dempo Ice, and many more.

People who like to go hiking usually choose to go to Mount Bromo in Malang. This mountain is a caldera and still active, so this will be a good choice for the adventurer. Located in the 4 regency that is Malang, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Pasuruan, this location will satisfy your wild side. To add your historical knowledge you can go to Brawijaya Museum, Angkut Museum, or go to some temples like Jago Temple, Singhasari Temple, and Songgoriti Temple. You can take many selfies here. Explore the beaches may be the next plan for you. Some famous beaches are Bale Kambang beaches, Goa Cina, Tiga Warna, and Banyu Anjlog. Jatim Park can be the next option to enjoy your picnic with family. You will be given educative picnic in here.

To feel all the pleasure in the destination, you can go directly to Malang and spend some nights in the city. Malang has variant list of hotels that available from the five-star hotels until the cheap hotel in Malang. If you have limit budget, choose one of the cheap hotels in the entire area in the city and book it online with Booking hotel in the internet is easy. Just go on the website and write the destination on the search engine, and then write the date when you check-in and check-out from the hotel. After you write it down you will be given lists of some hotels and the information of the location also the promo that is offer by the hotel. Choose one and the payment can be done via banking. If you want to go to Malang and spend the night there, please make a certain plan first and book the hotel far before you go to the city.


Explore The Beauty Of Africa On Your Safari Travel

When you travel on safari, your first experience would be noticing the tranquillity of nature’s silence that sneaks into your heart. But at the same time, the sound of insects and wildlife excites your adventurous spirit, knowing there is still much that is untamed under the African sun.

At Excape Tours & Travel we offer you our service to arrange the perfect Safari Travel getaway plan to suit your every need. Since 1996 we plan tailor-made personalised Safari tours to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Mozambique. Whether you want a luxurious trip with the utmost of comfort and elegance, or you want to be one with nature and go camping, Excape can organise it. We can arrange everything from accommodation to tour guides, flights, car hire, train trips to extra curricular activities, such as wine tasting, fishing, hiking, hot air ballooning and even gourmet tours.

When you go on a Safari Travel you can expect to see much more than just the great Big 5 (Which is: elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, and of course the rhino). The diversity of the landscape would proof to be a wonder of nature alone. And as you come up-close and personal with the wildlife of Africa, you would not only find yourself grateful for the armed and licensed “accredited” tour guide next to you, but would grow a new found appreciation for the beauty of Africa.

Some tips for when you do a Safari Travel tour:

(Also depending of course on what type of accommodation you choose)

  • First and foremost, check your flight’s date, flight times and flight number at least 24 hours before departure.
  • When entering certain areas of Southern Africa it would be wise to get the proper vaccination for Malaria and Yellow fever. We would be able to advise you whether it would be necessary, as some countries would require a certificate before entering, and to ensure that you have a healthy, enjoyable trip.
  • Insect bite cream would also be wise (It is after all Africa), not only for health reasons, but also to avoid the annoyance factor of having to unnecessarily have itchy bites.
  • You might also find comfort in keeping up to date with local news, especially if you are travelling alone. And while travelling, the best way to gain knowledge and keeping up to date with activities would simply be by asking the locals.
  • Whilst you are travelling, we suggest to not carrying any valuables on you, but if or when you do, don’t carry it openly. Investing in a travelling handbag would be a big asset to your trip.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended!
  • Prepare for the climate by packing the right clothing and accessories. Although Africa is hot, the nights can get very cold in winter, and therefore it would be wise to bring a warm jacket. Sunglasses, a hat and comfortable walking shoes would also be a must.
  • If you feel adventurous and opt to drive yourself, just a few things to remember: Stay alert, avoid travelling at night and wear your seatbelt at all time. In some of the countries, especially in the rural areas, the roads are often poorly maintained, and also keep an eye open for any large domestic animals such as cattle and sheep in these areas that might cross your path.
  • Tap water is generally fine to drink in a lot of areas, but if you prefer, bottled water is widely available.
  • And then lastly, remember your camera! You wouldn’t want to miss capturing the beauty of Africa!

All things considered, once you’ve booked your Safari tour, kick back, put your feet up and get lost in the inspiration of your wildlife adventure that awaits you. For on your venture would you only really experience what it means to live in “African-time”, that this truly means relaxation in its purest form.


African Safari Travel – Luxury Tented Camps

An African safari adventure is the dream of a lifetime for many. There is something about the majestic, wide-open landscapes, the limitless horizons, experiencing the wildlife in their own habitat, which captures the imagination and changes your perspective on life. Names like Serengeti and Maasai Mara, conjure up visions of vast herds of animals on the great migration over the plains, punctuated by statuesque or twisted thorn trees and dramatic skies.

One of the most authentic ways to experience African safari travel, is to stay in a luxury tented camp, where only a layer of canvas separates you from the rhythms of the wild. Looking out at a densely starred night sky and hearing the distant calls of a lion, or the frog-like grunting of gnus as they pass through the camp, gives you the thrill of being at one with the environment. In a luxury tented camp, you can enjoy the closeness to nature without having to rough it. Hot water, showers, comfortable beds and fantastic meals under the stars are produced with seeming ease on a hillside camp overlooking a vast plain, or in the shade of jackalberry trees with a grandstand view of a water hole.

Some luxury tented camps offer a nostalgic re-creation of the early days of safari, setting tables with silver and fine crystal, providing brass lamps and wash basins and impeccable service. You could imagine yourself as an early explorer discovering these landscapes for the first time, as you switch off all electronic gadgets, zone out from the 21st century, just listen to the sounds of the natural world and relax. Other camps create a modern safari vernacular, with sleek design combined with natural materials and a dash of opulence to pamper your senses.

From a conservation point of view, these tented camps leave a very light footprint and in some cases can be moved on to another site every month or so, following the animal migrations, without leaving any lasting trace. Other camps are semi-permanent, staying in one place all season, but they share the same advantage – a tented camp can be set up where no permanent building is permitted, allowing you to be where the animals are, to stay in the middle of the wilderness that would otherwise be inaccessible from the luxury lodges in situ at the edges of many reserves.

Seek out the safari specialists if you are considering African safari travel to a luxury tented camp. It takes a lot of organization to produce this level of seamless comfort and service out in the wilds of Africa, and the excellence of the guides is another important factor in an enjoyable safari experience.

After all, if you are living a lifetime’s dream, you want more than just rushed game drives, ticking off a trainspotter’s list of animals sighted, more than just a camera full of digital snaps – you want to feel the true spirit of the land, immerse yourself in the magic of this ancient continent and come away with new understanding both of Africa and of yourself.


African Safari Travel Adventures

When you are looking to enjoy a wonderful African safari, know that you have many different options to choose from so you should not feel pressurized to make a choice. Some of the main choices you have to choose from are Family Safaris, Classic Safaris, Luxury Safaris, Trek Safaris, Historical Safaris, Extension Safaris and more.

You can choose your ideal safari according to just how many days you would like to spend away, what exactly you would like to do while you are away, where you would enjoy staying, and how many people you want to take along. These are all the factors you will take into consideration when you are looking for the best African safari travel adventure.

A safari is a trip taken in natural environments, and the reason for these trips is usually for the viewing of the different hunting animals. With most of the safaris that are available, some of them are sure to involve activities like photography, viewing, and most importantly, experiencing the animals in their own habitat (which can be rather interesting). Going on a safari is all about seeing different animals and getting up close and personal with them. There is no better source of adventure than going on a safari as there is so much for you to see and do.

If it is the Classic Safaris you are interested in, a few of them that you can choose from are the 12 Day of Kenya’s Finest, Kenya Explorer, Kenya Wildlife & beach Safari, Jambo Safari, Kenya & Tanzania Treasures, Monumental Egypt, Egypt & Kenya Voyage and many more. These are the typical safaris that you could also choose from, so be sure to check them out to see if it is any one of these that catch your interest. The shortest safari you can go on in this category would be the Best of Tanzania tour or the Monumental Egypt, where as the longest one if you want to be away for at least two weeks is the Egypt & Kenya Voyage.

If you want to go away and really be taken aback by your experience, you would more than likely be interested in the Luxury safari tours that are available in the African safari travel route. These are the Kichwa Tented Safari, the Wings Over Kenya, Jambo Safari, Classic Tanzania, Monumental Egypt, Old-World Cape Safari, South Africa Rails, Trails and Falls and the Red Earth Safari. These tours offer you the greatest when it comes to luxury and living in style when you are away from home. When you leave home, you want to experience something new but you also want to be in the center of the most luxurious camp there is.

When you are looking for an African safari travel route for you to be a part of, there are many different ones for you to choose from, so be sure to pick the one that appeals to you. You could even choose a different one each year. That way you will get to experience them all eventually.


Last Minute Cruise Bargains

Maybe you’re deciding between whether to go look for last minute cruise bargains or take the early bird specials. Do you have to immediately purchase an early bird special or should you relax and wait for a good last minute cruise deal?

Booking in last minute cruise bargains is getting a trip that leaves in a few days to more than 70 days in the future. Last minute cruises offer ways and means to those of us who procrastinate or who are fond of spontaneous decisions. And because of the Internet, you can now subscribe to websites that mail out the best last minute cruise deals.

But like any deal, you’ll have to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Read this 5 tips on last minute cruise bargains to avoid the hassle.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

The most preferred time to find last minute prices on a specific cruise is 1 to 3 months before the departure. Why? This is because this is the final call for travelers to cancel existing reservations without getting a penalty. At this stage, the cruise line knows exactly how many cabins are left and will decrease the fare so they can sell out the ship.

Peak Travel

Remember this when shopping for last minute cruise bargains — there’s a motive why a ship is being emptied with little time to spare — and it’s not because it’s a winner. Basing from a calendar, you might not find a last minute deal over the holidays. On the bright side, you’re more likely to find many good deals in the Caribbean during hurricane season (September – early November), or during the pre-holiday break (first weeks of December) and the post-holiday break (first weeks of January).

Repositioning Cruises

Sometimes certain schedules just don’t sell well, especially when ships reposition. When liners change “areas” for the season, they are known as repositioning cruises. These trips are usually longer — sometimes two weeks instead of seven days — and come by lots of ports, all at a reasonable price. One important thing to be aware of is that you are responsible for buying expensive one-way airfares because trips like these can start in one port and end up in another.

Define Value

Think about how much of a saving is a cheap cruise the needs you to spend two times as much on airfare. Don’t settle for cheap last minute cruise bargains if it will decrease the quality of your overall cruise experience.

Read the Fine Print

This is very important and obviously applies to every transaction that you make. Please read the offer very carefully because it will tell you exactly what your package entitles you to.


Choose the Best Travel Agents for Your Vacation

Travel agents are not considering as often as in the past due to the beginning of the Internet. However, they are still a great resource of information and provide you with an entire range of services, which will make your trip, run easily, as well as save you time, problem, and cash. Here is the process you should follow when choosing a travel agent.

Things you will need to do:

o Date, Place, and price range of Your Trip.

o List of agencies in your near by area.

o List of query

A good quality travel agent will ask you to outline your trip. They will ask where you’re going and why, how you would wish to travel, how long you plan to stay, and what your travel budget is. Be open and honest with your answers. A good agent will gladly put together a sample tours that describes availabilities in transportation, accommodations, and estimated costs.

Steps for Choosing Best Travel Agents

Recognize your needs

A good travel agent will always take your needs into thought. However, while an agent will typically ask questions to bring out this type of information from you (and you should take it as a bad sign if the agent does not), you will also need to do your part by speaking your mind.

o Clarify the main purpose of your trip.

o Decide where you want to go and when, making sure the trip will fit into everyone’s plan.

o Choose your mode of transportation, whether it’s Airline, Cruise, rental car, or something else fully.

o Try to determine a realistic budget for your trip based on all your other considerations.

Ask the right questions

Once you have pointed your choices, call around to ask questions. You should ask most of these questions to person, in addition, when you meet with those agents:

o What kind of travel do you specialize in?

o Can I contact you 24 hours a day?

o Which services do you charge for and how much will they cost?

Meet With Travel Agents

Travel arrangements like shopping of any car and other commodity, if you are too eager to jump on a deal right away. When you do meet with travel agents don’t feel required to purchase anything. As you start to discuss travel options with an agent you like, keep these guidelines in mind:

o Do not rely on vocal agreements alone.

o Do not suppose your accommodations will look as impressive as they do in the glossy direct mail.

o Always read out the paperwork carefully before you sign on it, especially when it comes to package deals.


Use a Travel Agent to Book a Flight

If you’re planning to fly out of from Airport, you have several options for booking your flight. You could rely on a travel agent to arrange your flight, book directly through an airline, or go through Internet booking sites. There are advantages to booking flights with each of these resources, and which one you choose will depend on your preferences and goals.

Booking Flights through Travel Agents

Prior to the development of the Internet travel industry, most people relied on travel agents to arrange their flights. People used to shop multiple travel agencies looking for a bargain, or they chose a travel agent based on service, reputation, or convenience of the agency’s location.

The biggest advantage of booking your flight through a travel agent is convenience. If you are interested in purchasing a flight from airport to Boston and back and your primary goal is saving money, a travel agent may not be your best bet. But if you need to book not only a flight to Boston, but hotel accommodations, too, plus multiple flights and accommodations in other cities in the U.S. as part of a sightseeing vacation, booking through a travel agent makes sense.

Travel agents are paid commissions by airlines when they sell flights, so it is not always in their best interest to net you the cheapest possible flight. Of course, they want your business, too, so most travel agents work hard to try to provide customers with competitive airfares. Generally speaking, you may pay slightly more for your flight by booking through a travel agent. But if you are short on time or planning much more than a basic round trip flight, paying slightly more will be worthwhile.

There’s another good reason to consider booking your flight with a travel agent when you’re planning a vacation. Travel agents are in the know about deals on rental cars, combination hotel accommodation and flight packages and other discount offers that can save you money on your trip. Some travel agents can even provide discounts on admission to tourist attractions in the destinations you plan to visit.

Travel agents are also very familiar with airports around the world, as well as airlines. They are able to spot potential problems and help you avoid them, which can help ensure your flight goes smoothly.

When travelers book their flights themselves online, nobody is there to advise them against a one-hour layover in Airport X when traveling from airport. In reality, it could well be impossible to pass through customs, collect your luggage and travel to your next terminal in only one hour – especially if your flight is delayed and you arrive even a few minutes late.

A good travel agent will take into consideration all the factors that could affect your travel, including the seasons, the airlines you’re traveling and the airports you’ll pass through in addition to airport. Although there may be no guarantees, if your flights are cancelled or changed by your airline, a travel agent may be much more likely to be able to arrange a suitable alternate flight than you would be able to on your own – especially on short notice.

These are just some of the many advantages of booking your flight through a travel agent. If you do decide to book your flight through a travel agency, allow yourself plenty of time to shop around. Read all the “fine print” terms and conditions before you make a commitment to any travel agent, and pay close attention to guarantees and refunds in case you need to change or cancel your flight.